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Organizational Strategy & Goal Development

Strategy and goal development is fundamental to creating and running a business. As business owners, we know this. What happens to the plan and goals once you and your team start getting busy? Is it put on the back burner? Are you working so much but still in the same spot? This happens to most businesses - the path is so clear at first but then day-to day work bogs down even the most innovative and creative people. Get your own Business Champion to move your organization forward.
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Management
  • Metrics & Analysis

Marketing Material Development

Marketing material does not have to be a huge undertaking and big expense. With access to highly capable editing tools and good printers, creating a "go bag" of materials is not difficult - it just has to be done - and easily editable for tailoring. Tribeth will review your current program and create your go bag.
  • Value Propositions
  • Capability Statements
  • Performance Write-ups
  • Communication Strategy
  • Event Planning

Proposal Development

Getting work is the goal, right? It doesn't matter how good you are or how well you will do the job if you don't covey that within the required parameters of a proposal. Government proposal writing is a dose of science, a dose of art, and a lot of experience. Tribeth will bring the right combination to develop a repeatable proposal process to your organization.
  • Scope Development
  • Response Development

Business Development

You can't beat good sales people with great networking connections - but you need a team stars - not just the lone ranger. Create and manage your team sales team to get the most out of them - you will be happy and they will be happy.
  • Planning
  • Management
  • Networking
  • Metrics & Analysis